May 29, 2014

Elliot Rodgers, The Murderer.

     I find interesting that with each major catastrophe people blame the "other" people. We blame the availability of objects, we blame the opposite sex, we blame a president that has no power, we blame people not even remotely associated with it, we blame a Democrat or they blame a Republican. We believe that if we point our crooked little fingers at something else we can change the course of the argument. In this case, this person was a punk and self-entitled douchebag. He was angry because he was a creeper and also had an unfortunate mental illness.

Laci Green (shown here:, always likes to post videos on youtube blaming men for everything. News Flash: It wasn't society, men, women, or President Obama!

Neither was it guns (he used knives for half of his victims and his car)

 It was an already-established healthcare system that was not properly utilized. To prove my point, I'll use FOX news:

I am so sick and tired of this blame game.

President Obama had nothing to do with this.
Neither did the NRA.
Neither did President Bush.
etc etc

It is not a gun issue. If you think that it is, we should ban knives and cars at the same time. 

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