Dec 3, 2013

Oregon Wages Lower

This is because Oregon is ran by a bunch of super-uber-mega-conservatives in a horrible Red State. Wait..... Nevermind....Polar opposite!

Adjusting for inflation (always a good thing), we notice low-income wages are not improving. Wierd. Oregon is a progressive "blue" state that has numerous policies that are 'meant' to support the underserved. Very unusual that liberals, progressives and socialists tout Oregon as being "progressive" while some other red states are fairing better, despite the typical criticisms.

How can you blame the "capitalists" or conservatives when they hardly exist in Oregon in the first place? At least not in Portland.....where the majority lives...where the majority vote for liberal Democrats like Merkely...who was voted one of the most liberal of politicians.....hmmmm....

The idea of free trade is not what's happening right now. Free trade theorists propose their arguments for the poor and middle class, for innovations and advances in technology....of course people get rich doing so. It's a necessity. They're not proposing their arguments to get people rich but to at least allow them to.
Corruption, you ask? I hate that too.

President and His Administration Using "Soviet-Style" Tactics.

Their words, not mine. Interesting read. Apparently, this is worse than other administrations. Wonder why?