Dec 14, 2011

Intolerance: Fallacies, Childish Behavior, Name-Calling and the works...

Intolerance comes in all forms. Either side of the fence is guilty. When it comes to discussing from a anti-religious/athiest standpoint, conservatives have expressed in a certain manner that would bother me. Of course, this has only happened a few times to me. 
When it comes to discussing the role of government, or federal power, the other side can be intolerant....claiming that "you're against the poor and elderly" and the works. Excellent example of Alinsky tactics: belittle your opponent, interrupt them constantly, name-calling, red herring fallacies, and other various other ways...

   Resorting to ad hominem and red herring fallacies = Nobody solved anything and nobody learned anything. The only thing that happened is that one person thought they have won the argument and other feels like other one missed the point entirely, with all do respect.

Dec 3, 2011

Technology. Information. Debating. Politics....

Political debates have been a major tradition in human culture since the ancient Greeks ruled part of the world. Usually, the news and information required for debate took a long time to spread amongst the people and this was typically by word of mouth. Mostly, these debates were about politicians, the policies and ideas they introduced, and whether or not people agreed with them. Debating has always allowed people of differing views to learn from each other, pointing out each other’s facts or fallacies in their argument.

Malcom X and the Civil Rights Movement...?

How would history be different if Malcolm X’s influence was greater than that of Martin Luther King Jr.? It is hard to say what would have happened, but Malcolm X influenced the civil rights movement in a different light as opposed to Dr. King. As King promoted peaceful discussions and protests, Malcolm X wanted something more. Malcolm and Martin had two very different approaches to advocating equality amongst Americans. As opposed to Malcolm, Martin wanted nothing to do with violence because he knew it would hinder their civil rights movement. Malcolm X was feared for possibly advocating violence to promote liberty and equality.  Malcolm X continued expressing these extreme views eve if it meant potential loss of help from Caucasian-American communities and possibly being disrespected by people in the African-American community.

Flag Burning. It's Legal....but NOT right....?

The Street vs. New York case had an immense impression on society, as well affecting the way we view our constitutional rights for the future. Sydney Street was convicted of burning the flag on the corner of a street, in response to a civil rights leading being murdered. Sydney Street had a large crowd in the road watching him burn the American flag as a protest and saying, “We don’t need an American flag.”

Communism’s Failures and Invasion in American Culture.

(An essay I wrote a while back. Not edited for your enjoyment)
Karl Marx and his theories have been an unfortunate influence in American culture and this left a burden to our society. During the midst of the Communist Party of the U.S.A. in the early 20th Century, to fall of the Soviet Empire, it certainly left its mark. It certainly took a toll for those that witnessed the “McCarthy” era and Ronald Reagan’s “pro-liberty” policies. We have all heard the dreaded remarks of Senator Joe McCarthy or President Reagan in high school. I think these American leaders influenced our culture in a positive way, helping communism come to a dead stop on the political road…now curtailed into government cradle-to-grave thinking… I think it’s amazing how fast this uprising started, how fast it failed and how it’s dreadful legacy still exists within parts of America.

The Patriot Act. Safety versus Liberty. What's right?

       The Patriot Act may be controversial but what do ordinary, law-abiding citizens have to lose in order to maintain their freedoms? This new “act” of congress has been one of the most controversial, opposed, and celebrated forms of legislation ever produced by the United States Government. The Patriot Act was meant to give the FBI/CIA a better chance to fight against terrorism in the United States and overseas. This is still labeled as controversial because, while many Americans feel like this will help to stop terrorism, there is also fear that it will infringe upon their civil liberties. I think differently because not only has the Patriot Act been important for national security, it has also allowed authorities to prevent many acts of terrorism while many Americans have misconceptions about it.