Sep 23, 2011

A Controversial Review of Technology and Its Impact On Abortion

Desensitized From Infanticide
The human race has its views on abortion distorted and technology is to blame. This is because society, with the use of technology, has desensitized our beliefs about abortion. Many people have differing views about abortion and whether or not it should be legal. People in this world are having their views and morals distorted because of technology and how easily technology has made abortions possible. Technology used by the media is making abortions appear to be like nothing has happened, or nothing really is occurring. It’s as though technology has shut the curtains from the truth and it’s making abortion appear like it’s not a problem.

Sep 22, 2011

Kindle Books from Multnomah County Library. FREE.

Trying to find any Thomas Sowell, Noam Chomsky, Bastiat or Hazlitt may prove to be hard.... It's worth a shot. Howard Zinn is easy to find but I still can't find an e-book version of "A People's History"
A Patriots is unavailable for e-book as well. Sad face.

I am thinking this would be better to keep as an on-the-go resource for my books.

Happy hunting!

Sep 21, 2011

The (re)Starting of My Thoughts

      Good day! As a few of you may recall, I used to have my own political-based blog about a year ago and totally forgot about it. I can blame school, friends, family and listening to podcasts as my excuse but I'll just say it was all my fault. Har har. Multiple times in college I have been praised for my ideas and content in my writing but the writing itself usually fell short of an A+ Grade. Do I really care that my writing skills are not the best? Not necessarily. Those skills should get better as time goes by but I would like to focus on what's the most important part of my writing: the bleeping content!
         Maybe one of you can volunteer to be my editor, if my writing really hurts your brain that much.
         The goal here is to simply share my thoughts of the world. Topics may include my music interests, interesting podcasts, books, politics, economics, history subjects, my with encounters strange people in Portland(!), photography adventures and computers....just to name....a few er uh, a lot.

With this explained I hope you enjoy what you read for a little insight from an out-place-libertarian living amongst the Portlanders! The views expressed are my own and I will do my best to provide a link from where I read the material. I like to learn from multiple perspectives to gain my own and this requires various viewpoints from different people. A few sources that I use include but are not  limited to Yahoo! News, Newsy, Huffington Post,, Fox Business, The New York Times,TownHall, Weekly Standard, The Nation, Noam Chomsky, Thomas Sowell, Milton Friedman, Christopher Hitchens and MANY more. I have a library account at my college that has thousands of ebooks, thousands of peer-reviewed  articles and my own collection of reading material.

Feel free to read away and don't forget to subscribe (if you like it) and leave a comment at the bottom.