Sep 11, 2012

Insurance and Jobs...

Oregon State Law is making me give my girlfriend's car insurance information to my car insurance company, to omit her as my car's driver, in order for me to charged at a lower rate OR my policy is terminated?
Not the insurance companies fault but THE GOVERNMENT'S fault….making it hard to not only run their business because they lose money as a result of this but I am losing my ****ing hair over this red tape ridden crap we call an economy. Pull the sand from your you-know-what's, open your freaking eyes and deregulate this useless crap. Our economy is already over-burdened with useless regulations! Ok, I will give some credit with a FEW parts of Obamacare (pre-existing conditions, for example) but the rest is just ridiculous!
Ask yourself, if not all regulation is good, but has good intentions but ends up not doing what it’s supposed to, then why don’t these policies get booted out?
Oh yeah…I forgot, because each time you create policy and it gets voted in, it creates another opportunity of a government worker to have more work, or to allow another government worker to be created.
I guess Obama really has created jobs, using this example!