Apr 21, 2014

What Annoys People? Er uh...me?

What can possible drive someone bananas?

I have noticed since childhood that people who ate their food loudly or had the constant sniffles would drive me crazy. Maybe it has something to do with lettings "things bother me" as my mother would say. She's right....but...

I still find it annoying when the person sitting across from you at the coffee shop seems adamant on chewing their food too loudly, while smacking their lips and licking their fingers. Gross. What ever happened to manners? Especially for people are uh...a little older like in their 30's+.  Note: there are exceptions....if the person doing this is disable in some way or is a smaller child, I would have a change of heart. This is only because they either can't help it or don't know any better. For the other 99% of the time, people can close their mouths when they chew!

Can I give you a list to continue this conversation? Sure!
How about people who walk to slow on a narrow path or while you're at shopping and some person blocks most of the isle, looking for their peanut butter in the dairy section. Durp. "Where's the peanut butter? I see the yogurt...but...."

My other huge pet peeve is sniffing. Yeah, you heard me. People just sniffle their way through the day. I know that it annoys a lot of people but it makes me wonder why their parents never told them, "blow your nose, dear..."  Instead, I here this constant "sniff sniff." I know that annoys people because I will see other people turn and look towards the person, giving them a look of disgust. The exception to this is if someone who is handicapped or a small child is doing this. They either can't help it or don't know any better...

Bad drivers. This is not just a pet peeve of mine but the entire world. Even bad drivers hate bad drivers!
I can understand that the DMV has a huge challenge of licensing drivers but their is hardly enforcement of bad drivers...
If you know me you'd know I love smart policy and enforcement of various things. Horrible driving is something that should be addressed. Oregon drivers are getting worse. How to fight this issue? Maybe the availability of cameras capturing the red-light runners at intersections? Or the people that block the intersection on purpose? It happens on accident sometimes but when someone does something on purpose.... I think it's time to start giving out fines for bad drivers...

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