Feb 7, 2014

My Sources of News, if You're Interested

I currently have several subscriptions.

The Washington Post (online and free for students). This is excellent!

FOX Business (recently as of today). This is also excellent. It does show differing sides but always about businesses and economics.

The Economist. A UK-based news outlet. Similar to "The Week" but shows more various viewpoints. This is probably my favorite as they always mention differing views and make it easy to read on the go. Student discount available.

The Wall Street Journal. Yeah, I know this is favored towards more business/markets but a good overview, nonetheless. Their opinions are moderate-conservative. The news portion is excellent. I love seeing this at my doorstep!

Huffington Post. Despite their obvious biases, it's an excellent source of news and stories. I usually avoid their politics at times because they tend to focus towards one "side" of the fence.

MSNBC is something I have turned away from recently, due to the overwhelming amount of opinion.

The Nation is obviously leftist. They said it, not me! A good analysis of how right-wingers get it wrong!

DailyKos and Moveon I would actively avoid. Too biased for my test. Especially when they focus on making fun of people constantly. Cute internet memes are for children and satire, not politics!

The New York Times is obviously huge. It's an excellent source and features many differing sides.

NPR is great as well. They tend to discuss differences of opinion and they're fairly objective.

EconTalk is another personal favorite. Russ Roberts hosts the podcast and they provide expert, fact-based opinions as to what causes what in economics. Prepare to be bombarded with facts and sources.....

I will update this later. There are many many many more....

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