Feb 7, 2014

I Get Emotional Over Paul Krugman

Yes, this is certainly true.
Over these last few years of reading from his blog, watching him debate other economists (which is rare for him), it is clear of what he's done for the "left." Along with Robert Reich, they have been a huge voice in not only promoting free trade in the early 1980's through the mid 1990's, they have been a different voice. Now, they have focused largely on inequality and the top 1%.
They seem to be a fuel for the "left" as I hear many of the best arguments are coming from them. Maybe not directly but every time I read something from them, they propose many of these issues.
People like them change political opinion.
I know Krugman for certain.

When Krugman debates, however rare, he is often confronted by lay people about his use of fallacies.

Economic fallacies are different fallacies.

So it's no wonder I get emotional when I read from his blog. I read his and wonder to myself, "How is it possible for conservatives and the republicans to be wrong every time?"
Statistically, this cannot be so simple but Krugman portrays this.

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